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Now in it's 75th year, Oxford WIZO uk is a branch of WIZO uk, a dynamic international, non-denominational, non-party political, women's voluntary organization focusing on social welfare and educational needs in Israel. We raise funds primarily in order to improve and enhance the quality of life for families in Israel.

WIZO uk is currently involved in 800 projects and centres, providing services and programmes for disadvantaged and vulnerable Israeli citizens at every stage of life, from babies and toddlers to senior citizens.

Oxford WIZO's typical programme of events can be found at http://wizouk.org/events, the fundraising activities includes:

  • WIZO uk National Quiz at home

    a literary event;
  • WIZO uk's hugely popular national on-line quiz-at-home;
  • occasional talks on topics of general Jewish interest;
  • a celebration of Israel's Independence day;
  • a bridge event; and
  • a summer lunch with a special theme.

Our programme for 2016 is below. For further details and times please contact: wizo@ojc-online.org

Oxford WIZO Programme 2016-17

Sunday November 13th 2016 - at the OJC
AGM followed by: A talk by Sara Hirschhorn, Sidney Brichto fellow in Israel Studies at the University of Oxford, about her forthcoming book: The Unsettled Question: The History and Politics of the Israeli Settler Movement Since 1967

Sunday January 22nd 2017 - at the OJC
To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day: Susan Bermange will come and talk about her father who features on one of the many squares that make up the “Memory Quilts” created by the 45 aid society and their families.

Saturday February 4th 2017
WIZO Quiz@home. To host or just take part contact wizo@ojc-online.org

Sunday March 19th 2017
Pesach Italian Seder cookery demonstration by a famous Italian chef.

Saturday April 29th 2017
Yom Ha’atzmaut Kiddush at Shul, with traditional birthday cake served after the service.

Sunday June 11th 2017 - at the OJC
Innovative family musical work- shop for children aged 5 – 7 years given by Music Therapist Dave Noble.

Sunday June 25th 2017
Summer lunch in Boars Hill   Freshly cooked delicious Italian lunch followed by a performance of Italian songs by Naomi, and a talk by Lidia Sciama on the subject of her new book: Memories of `Jewish Life in Venice between 1938-1945 when the Adei (WIZO group) had an important role in looking after the community’s children under persecution.

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