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OJC Social Action

A new social action group has been set up to organise a variety of activities to involve members in helping at home and in the wider world under the name of The Social Action Hub.If you have any good ideas or projects that need support do contact us to see if we can help you.

At the moment the synagogue is involved in a variety of social action projects - some are ongoing and some are occasional. The synagogue recycles where possible and uses Fair Trade goods all the year round (where kosher). We also hope members and friends will add contributions of dried food and tins and toiletries to the boxes in the smaller vestibule that can then be delivered to Asylum Welcome regularly.

At present we have a special focus on helping refugees, asylum seekers and the homeless where the opportunity arises.

The OJC also takes part in the nationally organised Mitzvah Day on a designated Sunday in November involving as many members as possible in helping both local and national charities in a variety of ways. 

If you want to help our aim to become stronger in 'Tikkun Olam' - repairing the world, do contact socialaction@ojc-online.org .


The OJC is proud to be a FairTrade Community Centre

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